Focusing on Truth – When Life Falls Apart #8
Refton BIC Church

By Scott MacFeat

Today’s devotional video makes the point that when we’re going through the hard times, we need to remain grounded on what is true.  But how do we know what’s true?  Not long ago I was sitting at the dinner table with my family and I asked the kids if something can be true for someone but not true for someone else.  Well, I’m sure you can imagine, I got various answers!
My youngest offered an illustration:  She said that she likes cherries, but I don’t.  So, it’s true for her that she likes cherries, but it’s not my truth.
Here’s where I took the opportunity to teach the difference between objective and subjective truths (but not in those terms!).   I said, “That’s a great example!  But my dislike for cherries is my preference; it’s not a truth.  A truth is that these are in fact cherries.  Even if we feel like they’re not cherries, they’re still cherries.  That’s truth.  But if I don’t like the taste of cherries, that’s just my preference.”  Do you see the difference between objective and subjective truths?
Objective truths are always true no matter what.  Subjective truths depend on our preferences.  The danger in our thinking is when we mix up the two or even abandon the reality of objective truths.  
As I’ve said in previous sermons, when life suddenly falls apart, we may have feelings that aren’t based on reality.  Those are subjective truths.  We’re experiencing them, but our experience doesn’t automatically make them definitive truth.  When our life is spiraling out of control, part of lamenting is holding on to objective truths (aka: Absolute Truths).  God’s promises are all objective truths.  His character traits are objective truths.  His Word is filled with absolute truth.  Our feelings don’t change anything about God’s character, His promises, or His Word.  So, when things hit the fan, turn to God in prayer.  Bring your godly complaints and requests.  But then choose to trust in God’s objective truths.  It’s His truths that give us the strength and endurance we need to move through our dark clouds.
Devotional Reading: Psalm 77:10-13