Pray Your Questions – When Life Falls Apart #6
Scott MacFeat

By Scott MacFeat

We’ve been in a sermon series for the past few weeks that talks about the biblical practice of lament.  Laments are painful prayers that lead us to trust in God.  Part of lamenting is praying your complaints… but not just any complaints!  Laments offer godly complaints.  These kinds of complaints are questions motivated by honoring God and His heart.
For example – Let’s say that you and your friend Bob had a sharp disagreement.  How would you complain to God about this through a prayer of lament?
Here’s a type of complaining that doesn’t honor God:
  • “God, I can’t believe what Bob just said to me.  He’s the worst.  When is he going to get with the program and realize that I’m right and he’s wrong?  Help him see that if he wants to continue being friends, he better apologize to me, or else we’re done.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
That kind of complaining is self-centered.  But as Christians, our complaints should be Christ-centered like this:
  • “God, I feel betrayed.  Is what Bob said about me true?  If so, help me see the log in my own eye.  Either way, please give us Your wisdom for how to reconcile our friendship.  But no matter what happens, I will trust You because I know that You’re in control.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
Notice that this person’s lament complained about how they feel in this situation, but they lamented in such a way that honored God by reflecting His heart.  They want what God wants.  Lamenting doesn’t shy away from our feelings.  Our prayers of lament help us pour out our heart to God while simultaneously surrendering our pride to Him.
So, I hope today’s 60 second devotional video encourages you to bring your hard questions to God.  Don’t sweep them under the rug.  Be real with God.  But remember to honor God with your complaints so that your trust remains focused on Jesus.  If you’re looking for more examples from scripture, check out Psalms 42 & 43 along with the devotional readings.
Devotional Reading: Psalm 77:5-9; Psalm 81:6-7; Matthew 11:28-30
Watch the 60 second video devotional here: