Stop Pretending You’re Okay – When Life Falls Apart #1
Scott MacFeat

By Scott MacFeat

You know those moments… Like when someone asks you how you’re doing and you say something like, “I’m okay,” but in reality you’re hurting inside because of something heavy that’s going on in your life.  Granted, there are times and places to share our deepest feelings with others, but there’s never a better time to pray to Jesus about the pain we’re in than now.
This is where the biblical practice of lament is so helpful.  Laments are painful prayers that lead us to trust in God.  They’re great because they allow us to unload our deepest complaints of pains and frustrations on God, and at the same time they reorient our focus to what we know to be true.  They bring us to trust in God during those moments when it’s difficult to trust anyone.
But if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but is it okay to complain to God?”  I mean, nobody wants to be a complainer!  But here’s the thing… The biblical writers do this all the time!  They don’t ignore how they feel.  Instead, they lay out their complaints and requests to God.  And in the end, they choose to trust in the Lord because He has always remained faithful to His promises.
So, as you watch this 60 second devotional, I hope you’re encouraged to know that God wants to hear about our struggles.  The last thing He wants is for us to sweep our emotions under the rug!
– Pastor Scott

Devotional ReadingProverbs 14:13; Ecclesiastes 7:2-4